Teach On Awaketh

We believe every parent ultimately wants the best for their child – so do we. If you have the passion to share knowledge to inspire students to achieve their educational aims and have a thirst to enrich someone’s mind, you are just the type of innovative teacher we are looking for.

You do not need a teaching degree, if you have either the sufficient qualifications or the necessary experience and expert knowledge to impart, we are happy for you to come on board. If you are already a teacher, who teaches full-time at school, you are also welcome to teach on our platform.



Firstly, you need to submit an online form, and we will then contact you with feedback. You will present to us the class that you intend to teach and give some information about the contents of your class. If your class meets our standards and criteria, then you will be granted permission to list classes on our page. Every new class will need to go through a similar approval process. All classes will be conducted over Zoom.



You should have an expert qualification in your area of teaching and be able to articulate capably in English or the language in which your course is delivered. • You should be able to successfully deliver training online. • You must have a good internet connection • You must not have any prior criminal background and must not have been declared bankrupt. • Familiarize yourself with our terms, conditions, and policies.

What we look out for during our chats with prospective Instructor

Articulate and confident teachers

The ability to speak in depth about the topic they are teaching

The content, tools and resources used to teach

Professional settings (eg, background, personal image etc)

So, if you have a passion to teach, and are an expert in a particular field, we look forward to having you join us!

If you think you have the skills and experience to be an inspiring Awaketh teacher, then please sign up with us today and let’s start that conversation.

Take a journey with us, be intrigued by knowledge.