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Story Time with Dr. Seuss

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Story Time with Dr. Seuss

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Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular American, children’s authors.  His stories are fun to read, and they teach children rhyming words.  His books include humor and beautiful illustrations.

In this class, we will read 2-3 stories during the 40-minute class. You can follow along with your own copies or you can look on Ms. Pam’s screen.  She will share her screen with a digital copy, checked out from the library.

Throughout our reading, Ms. Pam will stop and ask you questions. For example, “What is the Cat in the Hat doing inside the house?  How do you think green eggs and ham taste like? Have you ever been on ship like the Vipper?”

The books we will read are in this order (3rd book depends on time):

1. The Cat in the Hat

2. Green Eggs and Ham

3. Oh, the Thinks you can Think!

1) Have fun and read along 2) Learn rhyming words and hear the pace of poetic stories 3) Observe details and illustrations in the stories 4) Answer comprehension questions regarding the stories along the way
Ms. Pam is an American teacher with a Master’s in Education. She has three young children of her own and reads to her children every day. Her expertise is teaching reading and writing and has tutored online to children in Asia for the past several years.
You are welcome to have the three books and turn the pages as the teacher reads. However, the teacher will share the screen, so there is no need to buy or bring anything to class.
This is a one-time course, so there is no homework. However, the teacher has attached a fun worksheet that she created. It shows the steps of how to draw the character from The Cat in the Hat.
Not at all. Ms. Pam is a certified teacher who has had many non-English students in her classes. She will make you feel welcomed. Non-English speakers can learn a lot by trying to read along and listening to Ms. Pam as she reads.

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Story Time with Dr. Seuss